I'm Nikki from Philippines and and I'm looking for a nice man for marriage.
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I am a police officer for almost 11 years now. I was once married for a short period and we are separated for almost 6 years and our marriage was already dissolved/nullified (we don't have divorce here but it's just the same, actually). I have 2 kids but only the youngest lives with me full time and he's 6 years old. Not sure why i am here but gonna give it a try. I never had any other relationship for the past 6 years after my ex-husband and that made me a little hesitant about joining this site but my bestfriend has been convincing me many time to join this dating site and so i am here right now. I am not looking for a sugar daddy here. I don't earn a lot but i can afford to finance myself and my family. If you are a vulgar man and you don't have a good intention at all, i am not the one you are looking for and i'm not easy to be deceived. I am not an easy prey. I've been dealing with so many criminals here in my country for more than a decade so you better be careful because word games won't work on me no matter how good looking or rich you are, if you are not a good man, then expect me not to ntertain you. I am decent woman and i value dignity above all things and that's something that your money can't buy. Please be kind and respectful. You don't have to pay for it though. Music is life for me. i love singing. as a filipina, music is everything to me. my greatest stress reliever aside from my kids, of course. i am not a perfect woman but i can proudly say that i am a loving mom and i love kids though i look like unfriendly LOL. i am an indoor person. i love to stay at home and clean the house during my day-off and just spend time with the family. i value relationships and i value my family though i wasn`t lucky enough to meet a man with the same values and principles. i had my fair share of bad experiences in life as a daughter, as a mom, as a wife and as an officer but i never blamed God for all my shortc

Click here view my full profile or contact me I'm Nikki from Philippines and and I'm looking for a nice man for marriage. Click here view my full profile or contact me

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