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The Blossoms Dating Public Chat Room is a great place to meet members from all around the world. While the chat room is monitored and regulated by the Blossoms Dating community of singles, please remember that virtual communication requires proper etiquette to guarantee a comfortable and satisfying experience for all members in the room.

Introduce yourself to everyone in the public chat room. 

It’s better to use English.

It would be best to use the language most understood by everyone – English. However, if a non-native speaker has difficulty understanding the conversation, another member might offer to translate without offending the others in the group. The etiquette of speaking other languages in front of other people depends on whether you are using a different language to include people in the conversation or exclude them. It’s impolite, though, to speak another language in front of someone specifically because you don’t want that person to understand what you’re saying.

Even with family or friends, giving money often causes a rift in relationships. Remember, never loan or give money away that you can’t afford to lose forever. 

Have some idea of what you want in a relationship. Do you want children? Is it okay if your partner has a child? Are you athletic? Religious? Do you smoke or drink? What qualities are you looking for in a partner? What age range is appealing to you? It’s so much easier to focus on what you want if you have some idea what it is. Moreover, isn’t it also easier to move on if someone turns out not to be the person for you? With over 70,000 Filipina and other Asian women online actively looking for love and romance, you have many choices! Keep looking until you find her!

State your question clearly.

State your question clearly. Ask for help. People are not mind-readers. Be precise in what you are looking for, and include all pertinent details in your question.

Be civil to others.

Only the text is seen in the public chat room. You cannot see facial expressions or hear tones of voices, so play nicely. 

Please keep it clean.

Avoid using profanity or offensive language. 

Proper Public Chat Room Etiquette - Blossoms Dating Blog

Be patient and give the room a chance to answer you.

As the cliché goes, patience is a virtue.

When speaking with someone in the public room, use their profile name.

Chats move quickly, and it can be challenging to catch the conversation if you’re not specific in who you’re addressing.

Don’t overwhelm the room with repeated questions, statements, or links.

Proper Public Chat Room Etiquette - Blossoms dating Blog

Don’t do all the talking.

Active listening is part of effective communication. Be part of the conversation, and respond to questions and comments. It’s not all about you.

Don’t type in all caps.

Typing in all caps is the internet equivalent to shouting. It’s rude and difficult to read. Just ask and wait and see who answers. 

Avoid using the phrase ‘A/S/L’ in the public chat room.

Considered rude and unnecessary in most chat rooms, ‘A/S/L’ is the standard greeting when asking for a person’s age/sex/location. If you want to know something about a member, read their profile. Or, stick around a while and find out. People are willing to reveal personal details about themselves once they feel more comfortable around you. 

Proper Public Chat Room Etiquette - Blossoms Dating Blog

If you want to PM someone, ask.

Excuse a breach of etiquette.

Not everyone has grown up with chat or knows proper chat etiquette. Don’t whine when someone breaches etiquette – move on. True enlightenment shows itself through tolerance of others’ lack thereof.

Welcome all newcomers that enter the public chat room.

Remember when you were new to the public chat room?

Don’t join, and then leave the public chat room without saying something.

It is deemed impolite to enter a chatroom and then go without saying something.

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